25th May 2012

Blueberries improve learning, memory creation and recall

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The Healing Power of Blueberries

Recent research by Cincinnati University along with US & Canadian Departments of Agriculture show that there may be memory and cognitive benefits to eating Blueberries or drinking blueberry juice. The researchers worked together with two groups of volunteers over the age of 70. Both groups were given the same Learning & Memory tests to establish a base line for memory cognition & recall before starting the study.

Group One was to drink two to three cups of blueberry juice each day for the two month trial, while Group Two(control) had a placebo drink that did not contain any blueberry juice.

Both Groups were re-tested after the study. Those taking the Blueberry juice showed great improvements in their Memory & Learning Test results whereas the control group taking only the placebo remained unchanged.

This study (although light on technical data) is encouraging to those hoping to preserve their memory & cognitive abilities throughout their later years.

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