19th December 2007

Fungii have healing properties too

Mushrooms are low in calories, carbohydrates & sodium, are cholesterol & fat free!  They contain as much fibre as 1 medium tomato, are high in riboflavin and are also a good source of niacin, pantothenate and copper.

While medicinal mushrooms have been used in the Orient and Japan for over 2,000 years to boost immunity and fight diseases such as cancer, only in recent decades has their power begun to be recognized in Western countries. 

In more scientific terms, several compounds in fungi have been found to boost intestinal flora, stimulate the function of the immune system & inhibit tumour growth, complex chain-like sugars called polysaccharides have been shown to exert antitumor and immuno-stimulating properties. Substances in certain mushrooms called terpenoids help kill bacteria and viruses and exert anti-inflammatory effects.

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17th December 2007

Gold Nugget empowers Healer

A Cheltenham woman claims a gold nugget – believed to feature an image of the pregnant Virgin Mary – has given her healing powers, Linda Gillatt, was given the treasure by a Papua New Guinean chief some four years ago.

She first noticed its power when she gave a hug to a friend in pain, she had the nugget in her hand. Mrs Gillatt said: “My hands began to heat up. I looked at the nugget and exclaimed, Oh my God! It’s Mother Mary!”  you could clearly she the holy mother’s likeness in the nugget – the woman’s pain then receded – the first of several cures.

The lady now wants to sell the nugget, saying: “I am at a stage of my life whereby I should let this talisman go to someone else.”

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