14th November 2009

EU to sponsor Complementary & Alternative Medicine research

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A project named CAMbrella will receive nearly 1.5 million euros of European Union funding over the next 3 years to establish a research network to study complementary & alternative medicine. CAMbrella is the name given to an umbrella of research projects in Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

The university hospital at the “Technische Universitaet Muenchen” will coordinate the project for the winning applicant group, which includes 16 scientific organizations from 12 European countries. The project will begin in January 2010.

“In complementary and alternative medicine there is a lack of sponsorship for research. Few governments in Europe have actively funded complementary & alternative medicine research, CAMbrella will play an important role to overcome this deficit,” say project leader Dr. Wolfgang Weidenhammer and Dr. Dieter Melchart.

The focus of CAMbrella is on building a network of European research institutes in complementary medicine and on fostering international cooperation. Several working groups will focus on patients’ needs, legal conditions for the implementation of naturopathic treatments, and the role of complementary and alternative medicine treatments in healthcare systems, as well as on questions of terminology and methodology. The objective is to develop a comprehensive view of the current status of complementary medicine in Europe that will serve as a starting point for future research activities. Eventually, the CAMbrella project will provide a list of recommendations.

The group consists of 16 scientific partners from 12 countries. An advisory board will facilitate collaboration among the various stakeholders in complementary and alternative medicine, including consumers, practitioners, clinical providers and manufacturers, and regulatory authorities.

The European Union announced sponsorship for work in the field of complementary medicine in 2008, in the context of its 7th framework program for research funding. Selection of research partners to receive the funding crowns the efforts of numerous European initiatives and organizations for complementary medicine supported by the Munich Center for Naturopathic Research.

Source: Eva Schuster

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