1st May 2006


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This website shows news and information about the Healing Power of the world around us, the basis for Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM). At an increasing rate, Science is at last showing that the folk remedies that old sandle wearers & tree huggers always believed in – ARE TRUE ! !
Barely a week or month goes by without some laboratory research or scientific study finally proving the healing power of yet another “old wives tale” or “folk remedy” Some of the researchers when quoted seemed surprised at the efficacy of their own results, a disbelief that the healing remedy was there all the time. Poor souls, don’t they understand that everything we humans need to survive on this planet has evolved in parallel with us.
As each “new” discovery is made somewhere in the world this Healing Powers “Complementary and Alternative Therapy” website will try to find the details and group them all together.

who, natural healing power, review of CAMThis .pdf  from WHO (world health organisation) review of CAM healing is interesting reading. It show a prevalence of use in Industrialised nations of between 9% and 68% of the populations.



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